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Fyberspates is a yarn company specialising in hand dyed yarns and fibers for spinning and felting. The founder, Jeni Brown, loves all sort of fiber-crafts and believes that knitting, spinning and felting are good for the soul!

Fyberspates use all sorts of techniques to dye their yarns and fibres, but more often that not the skeins of yarn are hand painted with a brush to produce wonderful colours and patterns. Because each skein is hand painted we cannot guarantee exact consistency of colour between batches, within a batch the colours will be the same, but the patterns may differ a little, if you wish to knit or spin a large garment, it is wise to make sure you purchase yarn or fyber from the same batch, these batches cannot be repeated.

All the dyes uses are non toxic, and wash fast, which means the colour will not fade, some yarns are absolutely fine for the machine, but please read the descriptions of the yarns for more information. Occasionally on the first wash you may have some excess dye come out in the yarn, this will NOT effect the resulting colour of the yarn, but we suggest the first wash is always done separately.

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