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Sewing Cabinets

Horn Furniture are the leading sewing cabinets company world wide. Whether you have a dedicated sewing studio or a corner of a spare bedroom, the addition of a Horn Cabinet makes sewing an added pleasure. There is no need to clutter the dining table or deny family access to the kitchen!

Each cabinet is beautifully finished and will not look out of place in most homes and you can choose from several finishes to complement your home. With a Horn 3 Step Air lifter you can be raised or lowered for storage, flat bed or freehand work quickly and easily and no need for any heavy lifting.

When set into the 'flat bed option' quilting or sewing larger pieces become so much easier... you will never want to sew without again. Ergonomically corrrect you can sew for longer with out the aches and pains that can be caused sewing in a compromised position.

All cabinets in this range will take up to 28 days for delivery, we will give you an idea of delivery once ordered and the delivery driver will contact you directly 24 hours before delivery. We will need to quote for delivery to destinations outside UK and some UK Postcodes may be subject to an additional charge.

We will need the details of the make and model of your machine for the 'free' flatbed insert, others may be orderd, as well as a fill option that makes a great 'light box'.

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