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Hoooked Zpagetti

Hoooked Zpagetti

Zpagetti is a colourful and affordable material which allows you to knit or crochet your own stylish handbags, lounge cushions, ottomans and other home accessories. Hoooked zpagetti is made of high-quality and durable leftover material from the fashion industry and is fabulous for crocheting or knitting.

Hoooked zpagetti is a unique threaded material for quick and easy crocheting, knitting or knotting in XXL size. This is possible because zpagetti is made of strong stretch materials. The average cross-section of zpagetti thread is between 1 and 2.5 centimetres, so you will need extra-large crochet or knitting needles. This allows you to achieve unique end results in no time.

Zpagetti thread usually contains 95% cotton and the remaining part is made up of elastane and/or lycra. Zpagetti is washable at low temperatures and keeps its optimal shape if you wash your creation by hand or inside a pillowcase in the washing machine.

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