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Knit Pro Symfonie Wood Interchangeable Circular Needles Deluxe Set

Product Review (submitted on 10 September 2010):
I knit almost exclusively on circular needles and find myself most at home with bamboo due to the grip they provide. So, I decided it was time to invest in a good set of interchangeable wood or bamboo needles.

I took an immediate shine to the Symfonie wood, but had reservations about the way they look. In photos they always look really garish and bright. So, I researched the KA bamboo, Denise resin and the other Knit Pro acrylic and metal sets. However, I couldn't get away from the fact that I really wanted wood or bamboo and the Symfonie set gets great reviews.

Despite my reservations, I got out my credit card and ordered the Deluxe set with extra 3mm tips, a 40cm cable and the set of three connectors to create custom cable lengths.

When I opened the packaging my concerns regarding the colour of the needle tips evaporated. In the flesh they are much more subtle and muted than the images suggest. I really like them and was very relieved.

The needles come in a canvas and transparent plastic bag which I'm not a huge fan of. I thought about upgrading it, but actually it's really handy to see the needle sizes through the side. A triumph of function over form I'd say. Inside it has several small pockets down each side and one bigger one to hold needle tips, joints, cable ends, thread keys etc.

The cables are more flexible than any I've used and nice and thin. The variety of cable sizes is welcome and with the addition of the 40cm cable (meant to be perfect for a hat) and the three connector set I really have everything I need.

The needle tips spin onto the cable ends quickly and easily with no chance of a crossed thread or any stiffness. I tend to do the threads up by hand, but the kit comes with small metal bars which you pass through a hole in the connector on the cable end to assist with tightening. If you use the bar the tips don't come undone and even hand tight they only cause me problems if Im lazy about it.

The quality of the needle tips is great. They are made of nice smooth wood with a sturdy joint to the threaded metal connector and a good angle on the tips with a slightly flattened end. One of my main complaints with the fixed circular needles is that stitches catch on the joint between the cable and the tip as you're sliding them onto a needle. There is none of that with the Symfonie, just a smooth transition, even on the smallest needle sizes.

Knitting with them is a real pleasure as they feel a lot like my favourite bamboos though perhaps a touch more slippery. If they are anything like bamboo they will improve as the oil from your hands works into them giving you a bit more traction - which I personally would welcome.

The only slight problem I have (and it's very minor) is that some of my sock patterns ask for a 2.75mm needle and the smallest tip available for the Symfonie is 3mm. I knit quit tightly so am hoping the tension on 3mm will be OK.

Overall, I'm really happy with the Knit Pro Symfonie set. I can carry all the needles I'll ever need so there's no more waiting until I can get to the shops to start a project. The way they pack up in the supplied case is a bonus and makes it easy to find the right tips. But, the best thing is the way they feel when you're knitting. Nice and warm, comfortable and just the right amount of friction on your stitches.

I can't recommend these needles highly enough to anyone looking for a set of wooden circular needles. Great value in a really nicely made product.

Note: I also have to praise Hulu for the way their website works, the range of products and the swiftness with which they delivered to me at my workplace. The Haribo were a nice touch too. Great stuff.