Creative Grids 6" Diamond & Lone Star Bias Ruler - CGRDLS45 by Creative Grids

Creative Grids 6" Diamond & Lone Star Bias Ruler - CGRDLS45
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  • Description

    This Creative Grids Non-Slip 6" 45° Diamond and Lone Star Bias Ruler designed by Rachel Cross cuts multiple diamonds up to a finished size of 6". 

    The ruler enables you to cut various strip widths from 1/2" up to 6 1/2" using the long edge up to 22" long. 

    There is also a black/white dashed 2 1/4" line for making bias binding. 

    The ruler cuts all the 'Base' and 'Top' triangles for setting the diamond with no 'Y' seams up to 6" finished using the same width fabric to cut both - you don't even have to pick up another ruler!!! 

    The easy to understand numbering system indicates the finished size diamond and what strip width to cut.

    - Cut Strips
    - Cut Bias Binding
    - Cut Diamonds
    - Set Diamonds with no 'Y' seams

    The ruler is clearly labelled for easy understanding showing finished size and the strip width to cut it couldn't be simpler. Ruler comes with step-by-step instructions.