Fiberco Fusible Wadding 90 inch wide (price per 1/4m)

Fiberco Fusible Wadding 90 inch wide (price per 1/4m)

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  • Description

    A fusible cotton quilt wadding/batting, containing 100% cotton fibre 

    Price per 1/4m. Minimum purchase 1/2m.

    Instructions for use

    Irons and mist/spray bottles vary in settings and doing a test piece prior to doing your full quilt is highly recommended.NO STEAM 

    1. Preheat iron to approximately medium temp setting – somewhere around rayon or polyester setting.
    2. Have misting/spray bottle with water on hand – a finer mist works well.
    3. Prepare batting flat on ironing board, lightly mist the batting – evenly – with water from spray bottle.
    4. Place your fabric in desired position on the batting.
    5. Iron evenly, a section at a time and let it cool to room temperature before advancing.

    Wash in warm water, never cold.

    We strongly recommend doing a test patch on a piece in advance. 

     If there’s a wrinkle in the fabric, it should separate from the batting with moderate resistance then mist and re-iron.