Knit Pro Astra Sock Blockers (Small) by Knit Pro

Code KP/10728
Code KP/10728
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  • Description

    Made out of a sturdy eco-friendly material, these sock blockers do not absorb moisture and will not warp. Great for knitters who frequently wash and block socks. Sold two to a package.

    Product Highlights

    • Ideal tool to block wet socks, makes them dry to the same shape and size.
    • Made of eco-friendly materials extracted from processed Wood Pulp
    • Comes from Renewable Resources and is fully biodegradable
    • Great aesthetics – all blockers carry stripe patterns in dual colour tones
    • Natural soft feel unlike any other plastic product availble in the market
    • Very sturdy and at the same time highly flexible
    • Designed in consultation with European knitters
    • Available in three different sizes. Covers EU Sizes 35-37.5