Vilene Stitch 'n' Tear (price per 1/2 metre)

Vilene Stitch 'n' TearVilene Stitch 'n' Tear

Vilene Stitch 'n' Tear (price per 1/2 metre)

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  • Description

    Vilene Stitch 'n' Tear is a tear away stabiliser, ideal for applique work.

    Stitch n Tear stabilises decorative needlework, preventing the fabric from puckering and giving smooth finished edges. Can be drawn on with a soft pencil.

    We sell Vilene Stitch 'n' Tear by the ½ metre unit. For example, if you want a metre, please enter "2" in the quantity box. For orders of more than one ½ metre unit the stabiliser will be sent as a single piece.